Advanced AI Chatbots for Customer Support, Sales, and Engagement

Cutting-Edge Features for Smart AI Chatbots

UI Customizations

Customize the chatbot's design to align with your brand’s visual identity, ensuring a cohesive user experience.

White-label & Reseller

Offer a rebranded chatbot solution to your clients or resell the platform under your name.

AI Training

Refine and enhance chatbot performance tailored to specific tasks or industries by training AI models with customized datasets.


Continuously improves the chatbot’s performance by retraining its models based on new data, ensuring it stays up-to-date and accurate.

Inbox & History

Access and review all past interactions to better understand customer needs and improve service.

Best AI Models

Utilize state-of-the-art AI models to provide accurate and contextually relevant responses to user queries.

Answers With Sources

Provide users with verifiable responses backed by source references, adding credibility to information.

Mobile & Integrations

Ensure your chatbots are mobile-friendly and integrate effortlessly with various applications and systems.

Voice Mode

Enable voice interaction capabilities allowing users to communicate through speech for hands-free assistance.

Vision Mode

Incorporate visual recognition technologies to provide users with image-based interactions.

Chat Openers

Engage users from the start with compelling and personalized opening messages.

Chat Starters

Initiate conversations with predefined scripts to engage the user effectively and guide the interaction flow.

AI Agents

Deploy advanced AI agents to automate interactions and provide intelligent responses to user questions.

Functions & Actions

Define and implement specific actions your AI can perform, ranging from answering FAQs to executing complex tasks.

Lead Generation

Utilize chatbots to capture, qualify, and nurture leads, optimizing the sales funnel.

Simple CRM

A built-in Customer Relationship Management that helps you collect leads.

Advanced Analytics

Access deep insights into chatbot performance and user behavior through detailed analytics.

Data Exports

Export data into formats like CSV or Excel for further analysis or reporting purposes.

99+ Languanges

Support international users with multilingual chatbots capable of conversing in over 99 languages.

Private Accounts

Maintain control and security with dedicated private accounts for managing your chatbot systems.

Embed Everywhere

Seamlessly integrate chatbots across multiple platforms—including websites, apps, and more.

API Access

Gain access to robust APIs to enable custom integrations and unlock advanced functionalities.

Trustworthy & Accurate

Ensure all information provided by the chatbots is accurate and reliable, building user trust.

Privacy & Security

Safeguard user data through advanced privacy and security protocols, ensuring compliance with regulations.

Enhanced AI Chatbots with Powerful Agents & Actions

Request human

Allow users to seamlessly escalate their queries to a human agent whenever necessary.

Mark as resolved

Provide functionality for marking issues as resolved, ensuring smooth and clear handling of customer queries.


Automatically convert spoken language into text, making it easy to document conversations.

Collect Leads

Efficiently capture and store potential customer leads during chat interactions.

Custom API Calls

Enable your chatbot to perform custom API calls for tailored data retrieval and actions.

Guided Conversations

Implement structured guided conversations to lead users through predefined paths for better outcomes.

Question & Answer

Deploy a robust question-and-answer system to provide users with accurate and prompt responses.

Go Buttons

Include interactive buttons in responses to guide users directly to relevant pages or actions.

Private Accounts

Secure individual client accounts for accessing confidential or personalized information.

Web Browser

Integrate a web browsing capability for your chatbot to fetch real-time data and interact more efficiently.

Google Search

Allow your chatbot to perform Google searches to provide users with information directly from the web.

Wikipedia Search

Enable your chatbot to search and retrieve information from Wikipedia.


Provide quick calculations and mathematical solutions within the chatbot.


Use advanced image generation capabilities from DALL-E 3 to enhance visual interactions.


Integrate computational knowledge from Wolfram|Alpha to deliver precise answers and computations.


Use "If This Then That" (IFTTT) integrations to automate workflows between your chatbot and other services.

Diverse Data Sources for Optimal AI Performance

URLs & Sitemaps

Utilize structured data from URLs and sitemaps to keep your chatbot informed and accurate.

Files & Documents

Train on various file formats including text, images, spreadsheets, documents, and presentations to broaden the chatbot’s knowledge base.

Q&A Pairs

Input question and answer pairs to enhance the chatbot's ability to provide precise responses.

Raw Text

Use raw text data to improve natural language understanding and response generation.

Products & Services

Incorporate product and service details to enable the chatbot to assist with detailed inquiries and recommendations.

Real-Estate Listings

Provide real estate listings to allow the chatbot to offer comprehensive property information.

Audio Files

Upload audio files and train the chatbot on the transcriptions for improved response accuracy.

Youtube Videos

Extract information from YouTube videos to enrich the chatbot’s knowledge and interaction skills.

S3 Buckets & Cloud Object Storage

Leverage extensive datasets stored in S3 buckets and cloud object storage for comprehensive training and scalability.

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